Take Five
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A writer friend of mine, Kristen Ingram, just published a book entitled "I'll Ask My Grandmother, She's Very Wise." It's a pretty book, filled with charming illustrations and simple, grandmotherly wisdom that's as warm and palpable as a hug. And yes, I also like Kristen's book because it contains an essay about my own grandmother, Myrtle Dorman Brown. I just wish she were alive to read it.

I don't know if Edel Jarboe, this month's guest columnist, is a grandmother, but I do think she's very wise. She writes The Simpler Living newsletter, a weekly treasure trove of ways to cut through life's daily clutter and accomplish what matters most. During this festive but oh-so-busy time of year, her no-nonsense advice seems especially apropos.

Read Edel's article,
Seven Daily Motivators.

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