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This Writer's Opinion
Writers Speak Out

Speak Out!

Do you have some thoughts on writing you'd like to share? Send them to Fiction Fix!  We're always looking for clever, insightful opinion pieces from writers who want to speak their minds. Here are our guidelines:

1.) Your piece
must express a writing or publishing-related opinion. If you're able to offer facts to support your opinion, all the better.

2.) We prefer submissions of 500-800 words. Longer submissions are okay if the topic warrants a full-blown article, but don't be long-winded. Be careful of redundancies and remember to trim the flab from your writing before you submit.

3.) You can get on a soapbox if you've carefully collected all your facts and opinions, but keep your tone respectful. Don't preach. Don't demean. Don't be overly critical without facts to support your criticism.

Some Topic Suggestions

- Will electronic publishing revolutionize the publishing industry?
- Which should come first: characterization or plot?
- Do you submit to publications that don't pay? Why or why not?
- Come up with your own topic. Anything goes!

We Pay for Your Opinions!

Fiction Fix now pays $10 for pieces accepted for This Writer's Opinion. Please be sure to include proper contact information and a mailing address with your submission.

Send submissions to
Karen Hertzberg, managing editor.

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