Monthly Essay Contest
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Monthly Essay Contest
The Best Writing Advice
I Ever Receivedů

Writers hear the same old advice time and again--"write what you know," "show, don't tell," and all the other infamous writing adages. We want you to step outside that familiar, rehashed advice and tell us the very
best writing advice you've ever received. Where did you hear it? Why is it significant for you? Have you taken it to heart? How do you apply it in your writing life?

IMPORTANT: Entries must be 300 words or less in essay or personal opinion format and submitted in the body of an email message (no file attachments, please). Please read and consider our topic carefully. Off-topic entries and those over our word count will not be considered. Neatness counts! Be sure to check your spelling and grammar before you send us your essay. And give your entry a title, please.

WINNING ENTRY RECEIVES: free enrollment in any Coffeehouse for Writers Online Workshop and a bag of flavored coffee, compliments of Sterling Moon Specialty Coffees.

Send us your essay in the body of an email message. Please be sure that "March Essay Contest" appears in your subject header. No file attachments please!

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