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To Market, To Market

Looking for a place to sell your writing? Have you ever read a sillier question in a writer's newsletter? I hope not, because the ultimate goal of every writer is to share, sell, publish, create tear sheets, earn credits, or have a byline. B.I. (Before Internet), the venerable Writer's Market publications were the undisputed bibles of the market search. S.I. (Since the Internet), at least seven websites offer writers' guideline databases that should provide enough information for most of us!

For those of you working on book manuscripts,
Authorlink features nearly 100 direct links to guidelines for book publishers in seven categories including general trade, science fiction, romance, children's, mysteries, religious and professional. All of the major publishers in each field are represented, as are many newer and smaller presses.

Three comprehensive guideline databases can be found at, and Inkspot. While there is some overlap in the guidelines, each site approaches its search function a little differently. At (500+guidelines), the database is searchable by subject area with subjects ranging from Animals and Pets to Writing. At (650 guidelines), the database is searchable by market; subject; high, medium and low paying markets; pay now or pay on publication; simultaneous submissions; markets seeking non-fiction, fiction, columns, fillers, photos; new or updated markets. Inkspot's guideline database offers similar information.

Writer's Digest supplements its own writer's market guides with 1,300 guidelines to book publishers and consumer and trade publications. Burryman is the single best listing of guideline sources and related information I have found on the web. And, finally, the granddaddy of them all, Mediafinder lists 20,033 periodicals as of its last updating earlier this month. Be sure to set aside a sizeable chunk of time to visit Mediafinder!

Will online information take the place of the Writer's Market guides? Think about it. The two general 2000 Writer's Market editions, available through the Coffeehouse link to for $22.39, paperback and $39.99, electronic, were both published in August of 1999, a lifetime ago on the Net. By visiting the guideline databases or the websites of the publications and publishers you have targeted, you can be within a few clicks of their most recent postings, editorial changes, and policies.

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